What happens if you are not exactly mobility impaired but cannot walk properly without assistance? Or perhaps your grandfather’s arthritis has gradually robbing him of the ability to walk without assistance or a family member is recovering from a road accident.  Whatever the cause, there are thousands of people who don’t need a wheelchair yet who also need help and a little support.

At Mobility Compare, we’ve been a big fan of the Strongarm range of walking aids.  Based in the US these walking aids are cleverly designed and provide the user with great support.  You can read our post about them here.  We’re hoping they get a UK distribution deal soon because, as far as we know, you can only buy them from the States.

Another great range of walking aids can be bought, interestingly enough, from Halfords.  Little known to most people, Halfords is a key player in the mobility industry and tucked away behind the sat navs, car stereos, mountain bikes etc is a really good range of walking aids.

Our favourite?  The four wheel walker with seat. For £99, the excellent craftsmanship of the walker really impressed us. As you’d expect from a motor industry specialist, the walker comes with – wait for it – anti-skid tyres and quick action loop brakes.  But what we like most about the walker is that it comes with a padded seat – now that’s CLEVER.  It simply means that if someone gets tired, they can just lock the brakes and take a breather.  Hugely simple but massively clever – why?  For many people who are only slightly mobility impaired, taking rests is an essential part of their walking routine.  Downside?  The maximum weight limit is 18 stone so it’s borderline for obese people.

Another Halford’s mobility aid we’re rather taken with is the Adjustable Folding Seat Cane.  Once again, what we like about this little gem is that it comes with a seat. Whilst the cane does exactly what its name suggests, it folds out into a sturdy stool on which you can rest for a while before continuing your walk. The leather bound seat is comfortable and the anti-slip rubber feet ensure total safety. Again, it’s a clever little mobility aid.  Maximum weight?  18 stone which is more than enough.

It’s good to see a big high street retailer like Halfords participate in the mobility market. Not only does it make mobility aids more accessible (it has well over 400 stores nationwide), its products come with a very competitive price tag.  A fully paid-up member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, Halfords is also a British based company (Worcester now you ask).  Let’s hope it expands its range further over the coming years.

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